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Seth is a student practitioner who offers body-orientated psychotherapy and counselling. His work with clients is insightful and wise. He offers clients the opportunity to  heal and transform painful and difficult places in a professional setting.

Seth is a body-oriented psychotherapist with a strong background in creative arts and technology, as well as yoga and allied Western disciplines. He holds an Honours Degree in music, a Diploma in Kriya Yoga (through the lineages of Swami Satyananda and Swami Gitananda), and is also a qualified massage therapist. He has also undergone some formal training in traditional person-centered counselling.


Seth came to somatic psychotherapy after studying counselling and massage, which naturally brought him to take an interest in the intersections between body and mind. This interest eventually took him to the Institute of Body Psychotherapy, where his studies are now near completion. The study of body-oriented psychotherapy has fulfilled his wish to be able to make use of body and mind in tandem to assist others. Seth has been deeply immersed in his own self-transformation and self-healing journey for over 20 years, and he is pleased to now be able to put that experience to use in his role as therapist. You can contact Seth at or 0434197085.