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Assisting people who are committed to their own and their family’s health

She came highly recommended to me. I was feeling very emotional and did not seem to be able to focus my energy. Deanne does a thorough consultation also obtaining copies of all my blood tests to work out what is going on with my health. Every time I see her she asks me about the different aspects of my health and life. She is an attentive, non judgmental and compassionate listener. Her approach has been very gentle and has empowered me to make changes in my diet and in my life to develop new healthier habits.  The supplements that she has recommended have contributed greatly to me becoming more able to handle what life brings up. Energy wise, I feel the best I have felt in my body since starting my family. I feel that Deanne provides a holistic service, treating the whole person.

- Ivana, Holland Park QLD

I was looking for medical help after years of trying to have my Doctors ‘fix’ my bloating after every meal, constant nausea each morning and feeling unwell 95% of my time.

Deanne’s plan included dietary changes and natural supplements; following her advice, I can say, I am now an infinitely healthier person who manages Type 1 Diabetes, which has become less of a burden. I have continued to be a longterm client.

- Sue, Mansfield QLD

Deanne is the go to person with colds and flu. I couldn’t think of anyone better.

- William, Ashgrove

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I have been seeing Deanne for the past 8 years.  Over the years she has helped me with numerous chronic health issues, such as anxiety, fertility and gut health, that I was unable to get assistance with from GP’s and medical specialists. I have always found Deanne to be caring, patient and highly knowledgeable in her field. Her alternative insights into health issues have been invaluable. She has been the key to discovering a healthier version of myself.

- Melody, Holland Park QLD

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I was introduced to Deanne after spending many years feeling fatigued. Deanne has a wonderfully relaxed approach and took the time to understand my situation so she could tailor a treatment regime to boost my energy levels.

I’m very pleased to say that the plan worked and I would not hesitate to recommend Deanne.

- Michael, Holland Park QLD

naturopathy holland park - herbal medicine

I have been a client of Deanne’s for 8 years now.  Deanne is generous with her time and knowledge. She is supportive, non judgemental and down to earth. She has assisted me in healing my own health before, during and after my two pregnancies and has continued to be there for the health of my two baby sons. I am really grateful to have her as a part of our health network for my growing family.  My sons were both healthy 10 pounders (4.69kg) when they were born and I have often said that I’m sure they must have been that big as a result of Deanne’s diet and supplement recommendations! Thanks Deanne!

- Adie, Eight Mile Plains QLD

I had just turned 50 and felt strongly all of a sudden about the need to have a healthy diet, healthy attitude and to naturally sorting out some menopausal symptoms with fatigue and tiredness adding to my problem. With her help I have managed to lose almost 10kgs and at the same time taking control of my menopausal symptoms naturally. My life and health has improved out of sight. I have quite a different mind set and taking charge of what matters most………my health. I now feel I can look forward to another 50 years! Deanne has certainly changed my life.

- Beverly, Toowong QLD

naturopathy holland park - herbal medicine

When I saw Deanne my immune system had given up, with years of being on medication and not looking after myself. Even though I exercised regularly, I was very tired and drained from working long hours and would often binge on junk food as a way of escaping. I had a fungal skin infections, an eye condition and an overgrowth of Candida. Within five weeks of my first visit I had achieved an overall health transformation. The Candida symptoms were gone, and my skin and eye have not flared up since.

I have never felt so good. Friends and family have made many comments about the condition of my skin and how healthy I look, I feel like I am glowing. And the best part is that I actually feel like getting up in the morning.

- Jackie, South Brisbane QLD

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I have been seeing Deanne for 9 years now.  When I was living in Brisbane, then after seeing someone else in Sydney when I first moved there I realised if I wanted the best I needed to get back with Deanne. I’ve travelled from Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne, Broome and across the Nullaboor back to Sydney, and many other places in between, now I’m remote N.T.  You may think it odd that I’ve kept up the contact with Deanne, but hey, when you find the best you stick with it.  And Deanne is the best. From the weird but delicious liver tonics, to various powders and bits and pieces, I know when I slip off the rails Deanne is always there to bring me back on track. She is the best.

- Peter, Ampilatwatja Community. N.T.

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I am a body psychotherapist in private practice and for the past six years I have referred clients to Deanne with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and insomnia. Together, we have been able to stabilise these clients quite quickly, clients also report increased physical health and vitality.  Deanne has an intricate understanding of the nervous system, stress, mood and emotions. She also has a diploma is somatic psychotherapist and now offers clients the powerful combination of psychotherapy and naturopathy. In addition to her depth of experience and professional expertise, Deanne is both kind and compassionate and creates a safe and caring environment for her clients. I highly recommend Deanne’s services.

- Andrea Alexander, The Institute of Body Psychotherapy ‘Belonging House’ Kelvin Grove

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Deanne taught me a lot about myself and about life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I struggled for a long time to wrap my head around why I was feeling so low at that point in my life. I was feeling so depressed and anxious that it began to have a great impact on my digestive health. Deanne allowed me to express myself without judgement and  I soon started to realise all I needed was for someone to listen, understand and guide me. Within a few months of regular visits to Deanne, my mood lifted and my digestive health improved dramatically. She helped me get myself back on track and made me feel proud to be myself.

- Tamara, Greenslopes QLD

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I consulted Deanne after suffering from long term anxiety. Deanne has an innate ability to ask pertinent questions regarding day to day function and I felt immediately at ease. She was so familiar with the expression of my symptoms, and knew exactly what was going on a somatic level. Deanne’s holistic approach, integrating a wide range of modalities in the sessions, enabled me to feel seen and heard in all aspects of my life. I was astounded by the immediate relief I felt after taking the supplements she recommended. I highly recommend Deanne to anyone seeking a grounded, impact-full, effective solution to physical and emotional well being.


- Jane, Toorak VIC