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Serving people in the greater Brisbane area

Brisbane Naturopathy

Enjoy better health

About Deanne

Early in my career I realised I had a real passion for understanding what truly creates real health and happiness in people.  After completing an Advanced Diploma in Health Science specialising in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, I founded my own practice, Elixir & Life, in 2008. Today my practice combines my love of people with naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle advice and Body Psychotherapy.

“Nutrition and herbal medicine can really impact positively on people’s wellbeing and can be used alongside modern medicine or on their own.”

Our Vision

To be a leader and teacher of natural health and show the world what excellent physical, mental and emotional health looks and feels like.

Our Mission

Elixir and Life assists people who are committed to their own and their family’s health, who seek alternative solutions that are holistic and natural.

We analyse people’s health and teach them, offering health solutions through naturopathy and body psychotherapy.

Our aim is for people to:

  • Feel and look better physically and emotionally
  • Know how to eat and live well
  • Have a glowing pregnancy
  • Enjoy more satisfying relationships within themselves and with others.

Cost $60
Elixir & Life’s

Winter Wellness Special

Worried about colds and flu’s this winter? Boost your immunity and fight off colds & Flu’s fast with a herbal remedy from Elixir and Life. Our Winter Wellness special includes a consultation, and a herbal remedy custom made for your cold & flu symptoms.

Health rebates available

What Our Customers Say

She came highly recommended to me. I was feeling very emotional and did not seem to be able to focus my energy. Deanne does a thorough consultation also obtaining copies of all my blood tests to work out what is going on with my health. Every time I see her she asks me about the different aspects of my health and life. She is an attentive, non judgmental and compassionate listener. Her approach has been very gentle and has empowered me to make changes in my diet and in my life to develop new healthier habits.  The supplements that she has recommended have contributed greatly to me becoming more able to handle what life brings up. Energy wise, I feel the best I have felt in my body since starting my family. I feel that Deanne provides a holistic service, treating the whole person.

- Ivana, Holland Park QLD

I was looking for medical help after years of trying to have my Doctors ‘fix’ my bloating after every meal, constant nausea each morning and feeling unwell 95% of my time.

Deanne’s plan included dietary changes and natural supplements; following her advice, I can say, I am now an infinitely healthier person who manages Type 1 Diabetes, which has become less of a burden. I have continued to be a longterm client.

- Sue, Mansfield QLD

Deanne is the go to person with colds and flu. I couldn’t think of anyone better.

- William, Ashgrove

I have been seeing Deanne for the past 8 years.  Over the years she has helped me with numerous chronic health issues, such as anxiety, fertility and gut health, that I was unable to get assistance with from GP’s and medical specialists. I have always found Deanne to be caring, patient and highly knowledgeable in her field. Her alternative insights into health issues have been invaluable. She has been the key to discovering a healthier version of myself.

- Melody, Holland Park QLD

I was introduced to Deanne after spending many years feeling fatigued. Deanne has a wonderfully relaxed approach and took the time to understand my situation so she could tailor a treatment regime to boost my energy levels.

I’m very pleased to say that the plan worked and I would not hesitate to recommend Deanne.

- Michael, Holland Park QLD

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